Shinigami Eyes

A browser addon that highlights transphobic and trans-friendly social network pages and users with different colors.


How does it work?

Whenever you visit a social network or a comments section, this extension will color known trans-friendly (green) and anti-trans (red) users/pages differently.

Which sites are supported?

This extension supports Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Medium, YouTube, Wikipedia articles, search engine results and all the sites with Disqus comments.

How does it know how to color each page?

The initial version has been created through a mix of manual labeling and machine learning, but you can contribute with your own labels.

Does it submit the list of pages that appear on my screen?

No, the check is done offline, on your computer.

Which criteria is used to determine the label?

This extension is focused on anti-trans (including anti-nonbinary) sentiment, of all flavors: radfem/terf, religious, alt-right etc. (although most of the data is about the first group). See the guidelines below for more details.

I think a page is labeled incorrectly

Right click its link, Shinigami Eyes -> Mark as (whatever is appropriate). Your contribution will help us improve this extension.

Can I see the list of pages and their labels?

While the data is stored locally on your computer, it's represented as a bloom filter. It's a data structure that "remembers" whether it contains something or not, but that is unable to explicitely list what it contains. It's susceptible to false positives, but there should be very few of them.

Can I use it on my phone?

Yes, but only on Android.

The process is a bit complex, because Firefox is more locked down on mobile (although not as much as Chrome on mobile, which completely forbids extensions).

  1. Install Firefox for Android (Nightly)
  2. Tap on the main menu (three dots) and select Settings.
  3. Scroll all the way down and select "About Firefox Nightly".
  4. Tap on the Firefox Logo at the top (next to Firefox Browser) five times until the "Debug menu enabled" notification is displayed.
  5. Go back to the main Settings page.
  6. Select "Custom Add-on Collection".
  7. Enter 14290610 as collection owner and shinigami as collection name.
  8. Restart Firefox, open Settings, Addons, and enable Shinigami Eyes.
Note however that you won't be able to right-click (and therefore set new labels).

How can I stay up to date or interact with the developers?

Follow us on

Is there a mechanism in place to prevent malicious/fake reports?

Yes. While your overrides are immediately visible to you, changes are included in the publicly visible dataset only if they pass some trustworthiness criteria (including human validation).

What's the origin of this extension's name?

In the Death Note manga/anime, "having the shinigami eyes" means being able to see people's names and remaining lifespan just by looking at them. In a similar way, this extension allows you to see a person's trans acceptance orientation just by looking at them.

Why did you create this extension?

As a transgender person, I got used to be distrustful towards people. While guessing the attitudes of an openly conservative person or group towards transgender people is easy, this is much more difficult when you deal with communities that tend to be moderately progressive or with intersectional interests, such as the feminist community, the lesbian community, women's associations and the atheist community.

The purpose of this extension is to make transgender people feel more confident towards people, groups, and pages they can trust, and to highlight possible interactions with the trans-hostile ones (when this is not already evident, such as when discussing about common LGBT or feminist goals).

Guidelines: how to label

We try to be conservative when marking a page one way or the other. Do not flag unless you're reasonably confident about your decision.

Not enough to mark as anti-trans

Being a conservative, a SWERF, a bad or mediocre ally, ace-phobic, being concerned with "free speech" and giving voice to "both sides".
11 hrs
"Sex work", BDSM and p*rn are ways of the patriarchy to indoctrinate you, silly liberal handmaids.
Being a SWERF, a conservative, ace-phobic or racist.
While these traits are despicable (and also common among anti-trans people), the focus of this dataset is specifically on anti-trans hatred. Also, don't tag as anti-trans just because someone likes an anti-trans page whose main focus is not anti-trans hatred.
11 hrs
If someone is transgendered, I think we should respect them, even if they used to be a boy, no matter their lifestyle choices. That's what Jesus taught us.
Reasonably benevolent ignorance, incorrect terms.
When in doubt, assume good faith and don't tag someone or some page as anti-trans just because they're uninformed, a mediocre ally, post problematic jokes, or don't take a stance.
The Freedom Report
11 hrs
In this new interview, we asked radical feminist Germaine Greer what she thinks about gender ID laws.
Being concerned with "free speech", "political correctness" or giving a platform to "both sides"
While this is an excuse often used by conservatives, it's not anti-trans per se. Assume good faith. Also, don't mark criticism/hatred of trans people that is not linked to their being trans (eg. "Manning is a traitor of our country").

Mark as anti-trans

"Protecting womyn's spaces", alt-right transphobia, strong transmedicalism and enby-phobia.
11 hrs
We must protect women's spaces from the female erasure that TIMs want to impose upon us.
Using common anti-trans dog-whistles
"Protecting women's spaces", "Female/lesbian erasure", "terf is a slur" and "trans-identified-(fe)male/MtT/FtT" are all very frequent dog-whistles among anti-trans people. However, don't consider "womyn", "radfem" or "lesbophobia" alone a signal (but do consider "womyn-born-womyn")
Racist Frog
11 hrs
More degeneracy from the liberal snowflakes. Have they decided which of the 72 genders they identify as today?
Common anti-trans strawman arguments
However, tag "identify-as-helicopter"-style jokes only if the context is anti-trans (since they are also sometimes used by mediocre/problematic allies). Generic anti-LGBT pages can also be tagged as anti-trans (eg. pride parade = degeneracy).
11 hrs
Nowadays it's trendy to say you're trans, they're just heterosexual males that hurt our cause. You're either male or female - stop. Also, it's perfectly fine to respect the spaces of biological women.
I'm not a transphobe but…
If a person is a self-declared "not a transphobe" only towards trans people who are binary, heterosexual, gender-conforming, post-op and/or "don't fight for their rights too aggressively", still mark them as anti-trans.

Not enough to mark as trans-friendly

Being transgender, having some decent minimum standard like "hurting people = bad", or supporting the overall LGBT community.
11 hrs
My endocrinologist told me I should switch to gel or patches. Thoughts?
Being transgender
Don't assume someone is not transphobic (or truscum/gatekeeper) just because they are trans themselves. Try not to treat people differently just because of their gender, age or orientation.
Your Average Feminist Page
11 hrs
Another trans woman has been found killed in Texas. This violence must really end.
Condemning physical violence
Being against people being killed or raped is, for most people, a very low bar of expectations, even if they're very conservative or religious. It's true that most conservatives will simply avoid posting anything at all, but err on the safe side and don't tag as t-friendly.
Your Average LGBT Page
11 hrs
We must all stand against homophobia and transphobia, and support gay, lesbian, bi and trans people.
Condemning "homophobia and transphobia", supporting "LGBT"
Many people just really think of "gays and lesbians" when they say "LGBT", and they can still be biphobic or transphobic. Don't tag as t-friendly unless a post is *specifically* talking about trans people.

Mark as trans-friendly

Openly supporting the transgender community or calling out transphobia.
11 hrs
Shoutout to non-binary folks who feel hopeless in the current political climate ❤
Openly supporting trans or non-binary people, or calling out transphobia.